Thursday, May 3, 2012

Small Friends in Big Places

So I was outside pulling crab grass (that just doesn't want to die) in the garden - and then - I saw something move....

I look and I see Baby Preying (or Praying) Mantis' everywhere. They had just hatched within the last few days or so judging by their size. They were being quite timid, when i'd move my finger close to them they'd hide under the lily's bladed leaves. or under the Sun Flower sprouts.

They're actually a relief for me to find. I had been waging a lonesome war between myself and the Stink Bugs; Evil, freaky lookin, plant-sucking demons from Laos and Thailand! D:<

Even the Wasps I normally cuss over, hate Stink bugs.

See, if I grew non-sap-producing plants, I wouldn't care about stink bugs. But growing gourds, pumpkins, cucumbers, Sun Flowers, Tomatoes, and Peppers is a staple in any West Virginian Garden.

I haven't had to deal with Stink Bugs since I was a lil tot growing up on the Monroe County farm in 1995. They devastated our Pumpkin Patch and blighted our vast Tomato Patch as well. 

I saw a bumble bee waging war with one the other day. Bumble bee won. See - Nobody likes those things, the Mantis' hate them so much they take out their voracious appetites on the stink bug nymphs - eating up to 500 nymphs a day! -  paper wasps also eat Stink Bug nymphs, but they're evil abomination carnivores. Because they sting, yo.  So, forget the paper wasps. 

These Stink Bugs gotta go; and a new ally is always welcome in my garden :D I hate using insecticide on my garden plants, i'd rather nature take care of it for me.

Of course according to Chinese Lore, finding a nest of baby mantis also means a season of good luck and fortune.

I can always use some of that!

 This one was timid and didn't want to set still for his photo-op, he's the brown mass on the lily's left side blades.

 This one was found on the sun flowers. He was chill.

 The chill green mantis found on the sun flowers.

This one was crawling along the porch facade.


  1. I will never be able to remember your massive new blog url o.o

  2. lol. it's temporary while I wait on google and godaddy to work out the apparent server failure. Luckily I had a mirrored blogspot blog. xD

  3. Awww...I like those bugs. They fascinate me for some reason lol